Pardellas-Rivera Brothers, Manuel, Cesareo, José and Abelardo, put al their enthusiasm in order to give birth The Taberna Real. Continuing a family tradition of cooking, from the hand of Manuel, the older brother, they moved from Pontevedra, where they were born, to Madrid, where they found several restaurants in the most emblematic areas of the town.

Taberna Real was opened to the public in 1997 at the same time as the Teatro Real is reopened, after a hard work of the brothers, who had given their whole life, and with the whole heart of support of their parents. The place can't be better: in the middle of the Madrid from the Austrias.

In the 16th century, the Taberna Real was one of the out buildings used by the service of The Royal Palace, where the service ought to do all kind of gastronomic tasks which couldn't be done in the Palace.

Our Restaurant was born in 1997 in order to offer you the best gastronomy elaborated with fresh market products in an environment which remember you the 16th century by achieving you complete satisfaction.